We are of the lider company of servicing
hot melt glue systems on the world!

STT System – we are building relationships which are based on reliable work and pursuit to the top

Trough unbeatable service offer we provide the service for more than hundred companies which are located on four continents. We are introducing our won prosucts and foolproof appication, which enjoy prestige among our regular or new cilents.

Long-standing practice in service of hot melt glue adhesive dispending systems makes that we know every weakness, what help us create optimal and reliable solutions

Trough cooperation with us you will give clean environment to yours family.

The natur is the most important for us so we suport environmental organisations, we live in harmony with nature and we offer services, which reduce environmental pollution. Regeneraction hot melt lue sdhesive dispending systems shall extend their work time minimum thousends percent, through that we reducing requirement of buying new one.

"So that we can live in harmony with nature, we have to respect our resources and trying to use them the most effective."
We invite to cooperation!